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A Complete Cyber Service For Small Business
Assess & Report
Enhance & Protect
Respond & Resolve

Cyber Security is the biggest threat to small businesses

  • The costs of a data breach to a small company have reached $1.2 million.
  • Over 3.6 billion phishing emails are sent every day and 43% are aimed at small businesses.
  • Still not convinced – 60% of small businesses are out of business within 6 months of a breach.

Small businesses are a target because of the Non-Public Information, NPI, that is collected in the normal course of business from customers. Few small businesses have adequate cybersecurity staffs or a cyber response plan, making them easy targets. Many don’t know how to protect NPI or even get rid of it safely.

Every online action puts your information at risk.

Cyber Tools Alone Won't Protect Your Business

There are hundreds of cyber tools on the market, and they are easy to buy. If they were the answer you wouldn’t read about a new breach every week.

The tools tell you all they do to protect. But they don’t tell you about all the ways cybercriminals have to avoid the tools.

Phishing, Smishing, Vishing, malware and ransomware are aimed at your employees and your business, every time you are online. From anywhere. With any device. And cyber tools rarely catch them.

The scourge of ransomware is growing every day. Would your business survive having all your customer or client information in the hands of cybercriminals? How long would your business last if all your information is encrypted and unusable? Will you be trusted after that? No wonder so many small businesses are forced to close after a breach.

The Answer – Cyber Services + Tools

An integrated cyber solution combining “best in class” cyber services and risk mitigation tools.

Full Life Cycle Cyber Services + Best in Class Risk Mitigation Tools.

Cyber Services. Step by step guidance on evaluating your risks and how to improve your protections.

  • Assess – identify your risks
  • Enhance – take actions to reduce the risks
  • Respond – know what to do and not do if a breach occurs
  • Recover – returning to life before the breach
  • Support – looking at what happened and taking steps to improve protections

Cyber Technology – What you need... – ongoing monitoring and support...


  • Dark web scans to find your compromised information,
  • Training to teach your staff about their role in protecting information
  • Phishing simulations to see who learned it

An integrated end-to-end cyber service with the tools and techniques to improve your chances of avoiding a breach and surviving one if it occurs.

Did You Know?
There is a cyber attack approximately every 39 seconds globally, and 95% of those attacks are due to human error.
In 2019 over 100,000,000 people had their payment information compromised due to data breaches.
In 2018 alone over $24.2 billion was stolen due to cyber criminals taking advantage of people's credit information.